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Mirrors of Light and Dark - Ratings

2007-08-30 22:09:48 by 00Nobody

I have noticed that the score for my song, Mirrors of Light and Dark, has dropped from 4.30 to about 3.80. This really makes me upset, because although I understand there are idiots who will choose to vote a 0 on people's songs just to be mean, its a great song. My only song to get rated above a 4, and there have to be idiots who cant just let me enjoy having a high-scoring song. I understand I have to improve my music, that is obvious if you have listened to my previous songs, but please, don't just vote a 0 on everything i have because you can or because you dont think its perfect. Chances are, those that have voted 0 on my songs have very low-rated songs themselves.


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2008-06-23 20:00:24

audio portal is competitive

people will 0 bomb your submission just so they can get ahead