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Entry #2

Taking a break for now

2007-09-05 23:02:32 by 00Nobody

Sorry, but I've decided to take a break from music making. Mostly because an awesome racing game, Drift City ( has finally gone full, and I already had a level 31. It's a great game, and I highly recommend it.


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2008-06-18 02:19:22

hmm ill have to check it out


2008-06-20 16:32:07

not good


2008-06-21 05:14:58

I played drift city till lvl 32, but it gets boring and repetitive, after lvl 27 or so, it just grinding XP. Nice game though.


2008-06-23 21:28:18

Hey man. you got featured.

oh uhh, do you still play it?


2008-06-24 17:51:41

how hawt :3